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Rianette Leibowitz | CEO & Founder
SaveTNet Cyber Safety NPC


Rianette Leibowitz is the founder and spokesperson for SaveTNet Cyber Safety, which aims to save lives by creating awareness of responsible online engagement with the support of national and international parties involved. She was chosen as the 1st Runner-Up for the SITA Women in ICT Awards 2016. 
In her upcoming book “Not for Sale – Relationships of Influence” she shares her passion for the power of personal and professional relationships by telling the stories of influencers and friends. Relationships are not for sale. 
Rianette is a TV and Radio Presenter has presented over 100 Cyber Health features on Cliff, and also presented the weekly Drive Time Cyber Safety feature on Radio CCFM. 
She is a writer as Expert Contributor on platforms such s Baby Yum Yum, Green Family Guide and more. 
The National Small Business Chamber presented Rianette with the National Entrepreneur Champion Award 2011, which echoes her dedication to enhance South Africa’s economy and to make a positive difference.
Rianette is an Accredited Public Relations Practitioner (APR) with over 17 years experience as Public Relations specialist and is the Chair for the APR Committee and Board Member at the Public Relations Institute for Southern Africa. 


VIP Conference Day 2 @ 16:00

Blurring the physical and digital world: strategic technology for the future workplace

  •     Working anywhere, any time and from any device
  •     Transforming the working environment to support enhanced automation and increasing computer power 
  •     Adapting to autonomy
  •     Intelligent apps – virtual assistants and AI capabilities 

Rianette Leibowitz, CEO & Founder, SaveTNet Cyber Safety NPC