Global Leadership Network - Watch how Rianette's Grander Vision to combat cyber bullying came to fruition


We want you to be cyber savvy and help you if you have a cyber related issue. 


SaveTNet Cyber Safety NPC is a registered non-profit company which operates globally and aims to save lives by creating awareness for responsible digital engagement. 

We do this, by offering a NETwork of support through partners and SaveTNet is the first point of reference for people who need cyber safety information or help.

In this way, SaveTNet also helps to fight the dark side of the web, by adding support to the group who is fighting digital pornography, human trafficking, sexual grooming and other related issues. 


There are so many fantastic Apps to assist parents in tracking the time kids spend online to knowing their exact locations. At SaveTNet Cyber Safety we have looked at Apps such as Kaspersky Lab Safe Kids. Either download the FREE version or you can receive a discount voucher for the more advanced version if you use the code “SCHOOL” when you obtain it by clicking on the banner below (click on Buy Now and tick the "I have a discount coupon" box):

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